Family Trees: 500-1066

I couldn’t find exactly the right family tree, so we have a few unfortunately, which overlap a bit. Still, find the one that works for you. The Family trees below include:

  • The House of Cerdic up to Egbert, 802
  • The House of Wessex: Egbert to Edmund Ironside
  • The Kings of England: Alfred to Henry Ist
  • The Kings of Mercia

The House of Cerdic up to Egbert, 802

House of Wessex family Tree - Cerdic to Egbert (519-802)

The House of Wessex: Egbert to Eadred

Family Tree of the Kings of Wessex and England, Egbert to Eadred 802-955
The Kings of England: 946-1066

Edmun I to Harold II 946-1066


The Kings of Mercia

Kings of Mercia


15 thoughts on “Family Trees: 500-1066

    1. Thanks for the family trees, quite a forest! Trying to follow the history of Elfrida and finding all the names difficult.

  1. Massive fan of your series! I was just wondering if you had any specific sources for these family trees? Or is this what you’ve managed to piece together from the limited material from the period?


  2. So who really was the first true king of England. I have been listening to your podcasts from the beginning, up to episode 66…. totally fantastic. I have particularly enjoyed the Anglo Saxon era. I ask the question as it is hard to find a certain answer.

      1. Thanks for the reply. Why do historians all seem to disagree about who was the first king of England. I watched a very good video on YouTube that made the argument for Alfred the Great. Do you know of any good discussions around all this. I will take opinion as I know you have done so.much research. Every time I read a historians view on this I change my mind

        1. It’s the definition really. I don’t think it is Alfred – he has the idea of a united England, but never got East of the Trent or north of the Humber. Edward the Elder temporarily took Northumbria, but could not hold it. After Aethelstan, there was no going back.

        2. I need to review this time period, I already changed my mind since I arrived at this site.

          I am researching English, Scottish, and Welsh rulers for a friend. I may have completed the Welsh princes, I need to connect the family to their ancestors in England, and I will be digging into the Picts and Dal Raita Scots. I will probably do some work in Ireland. The existing research joins the Royal family at Edward III.

          I am going to try to follow this discussion.

  3. Are you going to add the family tree for the rulers of Notthumbria/ Bernicia and Deira at some point, since it’s one of the major kingdoms(s) of the time.

  4. I love your podcast. I began reading the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and found it interesting that some of the Anglo-Saxons Kings ancestry went even before Woden (to a figure named “Geat” I think?). Looking at your family tree for the Kings of Mercia I was wondering if you had any thought on that. I understand the chroniclers were Christian and wouldn’t have worshipped Woden (Odin) but thought it was interesting.

    1. Yes the genealogies of the anglo saxon kingdoms are fascinating. Of course they predate our scientific era and so unashamedly include myth and aspiration. They all trace themselves back to a god (usually though not always) Woden (the East Saxons trace themse;ves back to Seaxneat); they usually trace themselves back to a semi mythical founder figure (Mercia traces back to Icel, and referred to themselves as the Icelingas). When christianity arrives they don’t panic – just shove Adam in at the top, squaring the circle.

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