223 Venality or vitality?

Tattershall PerpThe traditional story of the English Reformation has been of a rotten, moribund, venal church, just waiting to be toppled by reformers, the pyre ignited by Luther’s teachings. But was the late medieval church really in such a rotten state?

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3 thoughts on “223 Venality or vitality?

  1. Hi David. I have been a loyal listener of yours for quite some time and truly enjoy your podcast. While recently listening to episode 223, you made a statement about the Bible being full of inconsistencies. I think what you meant to say was the Bible was full of “perceived” inconsistencies (in some people’s minds); right? Not trying to split hairs, just want to make sure I’m not confusing opinions with facts.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi David – thanks; and yes, very happy indeed to accept your edit. I will go back and amend the file. Hope you keep enjoying it.

      1. David C, please do not accept the suggested edit. That both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament contain inconsistencies is blindingly obvious. This is not surprising, given that different writers at different times in different places wrote down stories they heard from different oral sources (and may have modified what they heard as they saw fit to do), so it is not surprising that some of these stories are inconsistent with one another. One place this is covered is http://www.historyinthebible.com/ . If you insert “perceived” into the sentence mentioned above, you probably should insert “perceived” into every other sentence in the podcast.

        By the way, great episode and great series on Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and the Reformation!

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